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DOD renews contracts with four schools, drops University of Phoenix

July 17, 2013 KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — The Defense Department (DOD) this month transformed agreement with four universities to grant graduate and college plan on bases around Europe, however the University of Phoenix was not present in them.The Maryland University College be honored the biggest agreement, value an expectation of $245 million over the coming decade, as determined by school officials.The University of Oklahoma, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Central Texas College — all schools which are previously offered personal instruction in Europe — too obtained contracts to present post-secondary programs for family members, DOD civilians and military personnel’s.The University of Phoenix presented masters-level programs in business and education. The agreement expires in July 31 for programs in Europe, stated Ryan Rauzon, a university spokesperson. The school also presents online courses and still presenting different programs in Asia; the contract which ends in 2014.Rauzon states on Wednesday that he doesn’t discern the particulars of why DOD didn’t provide the latest agreement to Phoenix for courses in Europe.“We believe we’re amongst the finest in understanding military students’ requirements and deliver services designed for them,” he states, remaindering to schools that has a military distribution dedicated to serve military students. “It’s somewhat we are having for years.”“The University of Phoenix was not honored a bond subsequent to the estimation of their proposal, for every the terms and conditions of the solicitation. The fresh agreements were honored to the universities that presented the finest worth to the administration.” states Rachel Clark within an email, the transcend controller for the Army’s 409th Contracting Support Brigade in Kaiserslautern.The University of Phoenix and additional for-profit colleges enclosed beneath disapproval in current years with officials and others inquiring the industry’s high teaching and a track record of small graduation charges and high figures of students defaulting on centralized loans.University of Phoenix is the nation’s major for-profit organization of superior education, with a conscription of 288,000. The academy spotted out on its website portal that they encompass great achievement stories from alumni and students, “through the people successful in their occupation and proud to be a Phoenix.”Rauzon states that most of the university’s military learners receive courses online. “Students visits regularly and depend on their online elasticity,” he said. The university doesn’t reveal specific enrollment statistics away from its general enrollment, he said.The university will prolong to work with students in Europe who did not completed their graduation, he said. It’s possible the course might be finished online, depending on “wherever they are in the course and how many tribute stay pending until they accomplish graduation,” he stated.Mark Rix, an education services expert stated that “At the Ramstein Education Center, the University of Phoenix’s headquarters will slam on July 24. The center will offer a contact for a Phoenix academic counselor in the States, he added.“I don’t believe folks are depicturing to neglect anything,” Rix states. “Of course, we lost a school, but their courses were selected back up. I don’t observe that it’s actually going to harm our spectators.”UMUC is selecting up the bachelor’s-level course in secondary teacher education and the Master of Business Administration, states Allan Berg, an UMUC senior vice president for overseas operations. The University of Oklahoma, in the meantime, will initiate offering a Master of Education this drop, according to school reports.It will be based on those universities whether to admit transfer credit hours from Phoenix students, Rauzon said.UMUC is too proposing for the first time in Europe a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work; and masters’ degrees in homeland security and cyber security. The university also presented classes in Europe since 1949.The bond honored to every of the schools is for one year, with nine supplementary alternative years, Berg said. It’s estimated the administration will work out those opportunities, except “it grants them the chance to finish the agreement right away if they desire to.”Numerous universities are reducing their coaching charges effectual Aug. 1, Rix said, while the fresh agreement boot in. UMUC, for instance, condensed its undergraduate fee per semester hour from $249 to $212, he said.“Every school is extremely concerned regarding the prospect of teaching support,” Berg said. If the Pentagon resolute to finish the benefit, “that will really be a game transformer designed for every one among us.”


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